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A Short Drive from South Morang, Mernda, and Eltham to Exceptional Waxing at Hair By I


Our new Hair By I beauty and spa salon in Yarrambat is just minutes away from South Morang, Mernda, and Eltham, and is well worth the drive to receive our exceptional waxing, hairdressing, and spa services. We have a variety of beauty services including waxing, and our staff can’t wait to pamper you.

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Prepping before Waxing


Waxing can create anxiety in veteran clients and especially in newcomers but following a few steps before your appointment can make the experience more comfortable. First, you want to be sure your hair is long enough to wax. Hair should be at least 0.5 centimetres, but finer facial hair can be shorter.

You should be aware of the timing of your appointment to avoid it when your skin is more sensitive or when you expect irritations due to exposure to the wax. Most women find that a week after their menstrual cycle is the best time to wax because their pain threshold is the highest. Sun exposure can make waxing more uncomfortable so don’t schedule right before or after a day of fun in the sun. You should check your skin for rashes, cuts, and irritations that could become inflamed and reschedule your appointment if necessary.


Many women schedule their first waxing right before a big event because they want to look their best. However, newcomers don’t know how their skin will react so schedule when you have several days to let redness subside. You need to be honest with your aesthetician that it is your first time and about the skin care regimes you follow. She can give you tips to help you tolerate the waxing with minimal effects.

You can prepare your skin and hair by exfoliating a couple of days before waxing. Exfoliating removes dead skin and releases trapped hair, which makes ingrown hairs less likely. You can use a salt scrub, loofah, or washcloth to exfoliate gently but don’t rub too hard and irritate your skin and always use a soothing moisturiser after exfoliating.


The day of your appointment you want to hydrate your skin by soaking in a warm bath and drinking plenty of water. You will want to avoid using moisturiser the day of your appointment. Lastly, you should wear loose fitting clothes.


A Great Waxing Experience Is 15 Minutes Away from South Morang, Mernda, and Eltham


Our skilled and experienced aestheticians continually train to learn the newest techniques, and we always use quality products to make your waxing experience as comfortable as possible. The Yarrambat salon is in a beautiful location and conveniently located to the surrounding towns of South Morang, Mernda, and Eltham. If you have any questions about how to prepare for waxing or about the procedure itself contact Hair By I. Our goal is to make you feel and look beautiful.


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