Meet Our Team


As the owner of our hairdressing business, you'll often find me in the heart of operations, orchestrating every facet of our salon's success. From managing the business to crafting effective marketing strategies, I'm dedicated to ensuring our clients experience excellence at every visit. While I may be behind the scenes, my passion for the hair & beauty industry drives me to create an environment where talent flourishes, and clients leave with confidence in their new look. Together with our skilled team, I'm committed to making your salon experience exceptional, from the moment you walk in to the day-to-day details that make our business thrive. Your satisfaction is my top priority.


Maree, our esteemed salon Manager and Lead Master Stylist at Hair By I, boasts an impressive decade-long journey in the hair industry, with over 4 dedicated years of excellence within our salon family.

Her prowess as a hairdresser is matched only by her perpetual warmth, kindness, and boundless enthusiasm, all underpinned by a deep-rooted passion for hairstyling. Inspiration is drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences, including the wonderful individuals in her life, as well as platforms like Pinterest and various social media sites.

What ignites Maree's passion for hairdressing is witnessing the radiant smiles on her clients' faces after each transformative service, knowing she has bestowed upon them an incredible sense of beauty and confidence. Her love for collaboration with the Hair By I team further fuels her creative spirit.


Emma, not only an accomplished stylist but also one of our esteemed managers/ lead master stylist at Hair By I, boasts an impressive 15-year tenure in the hair industry, with over 5 dedicated years contributing her expertise to our salon. What fuels her passion? The joy of connecting with clients, elevating their inner and outer beauty.

Emma's wellspring of inspiration flows from various social media platforms, with Instagram and Pinterest leading the way. She's your go-to guru for all things blonde, balayage, and color correction. Beyond her stellar skills, it's Emma's commitment to crafting a memorable experience for every client that truly sets her apart. Come discover the magic of transformation with Emma at Hair By I, where beauty meets expertise.



Samantha, our dedicated and experienced lead master stylist with a remarkable 15-year career, is fueled by an unwavering passion for her craft. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends is not just a professional objective but a personal mission, driven by her desire for continuous growth and excellence.

Beyond her dedication to her craft, Samantha's love for both travel and hair design has led her to venture far and wide. She readily accommodates clients for special events, crafting exquisite wedding hairstyles and even lending her expertise backstage at prestigious fashion shows.

Samantha's specialization spans the entire spectrum of hairdressing, making her a valuable addition to our talented team. Notably, her mastery extends to keratin bond and tape hair extensions, a testament to her versatility and expertise in achieving stunning hair transformations. 


Meet Dee, our esteemed lead master stylist at Hair By I, boasting an impressive 12 years of industry expertise. Dee's infectious positivity, friendly demeanor, and gentle approach ensure that every guest receives the perfect blend of care and wisdom during their visit.

With wholehearted dedication, Dee's mission is to guarantee each guest departs with not only beautiful hair but also a contented smile. Her unwavering commitment and can-do work ethic make her an invaluable asset to our salon team. 

Dee's specialization in vibrant and creative colors further exemplifies her passion for making your hair dreams a reality. Experience the exceptional care and expertise of Dee at Hair By I, where she transforms every visit into a delightful journey toward gorgeous, happy hair.

NADINE (On Maternity Leave)

Nadine remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of hairstyling. She continuously enriches her expertise through attendance at conferences, rigorous educational courses, and staying updated on the latest product innovations. To Nadine, knowledge is power, and she's dedicated to empowering her clients with insights into product usage, styling techniques, and color maintenance, ensuring they can recreate their desired looks effortlessly at home.

As a lead master stylist, Nadine's attributes - unwavering honesty, infinite patience, boundless creativity, and relentless hard work - synergize to yield remarkable results for her clients. For her, hairstyling is an art form, and each client's hair serves as a unique canvas. With a fresh approach, she unveils the innate beauty of every client.

Nadine's true passion lies in the realms of blonde transformations, the art of balayage, and the finesse of precision cutting. Experience the magic of Nadine's expertise at Hair By I, where she transforms your hair into a masterpiece of style and grace.


Meet Nikki, a lead master stylist celebrated for her mastery in hair color, texture, and the art of keratin bond extensions. Her mantra is simple: "Keep it simple." Nikki's ultimate goal is to ensure that every client not only enjoys their Hair By I experience but also adores their hair as they step out the door.

Nikki's vibrant personality is best described as "fun." In her chair, you're not just getting a haircut; you're embarking on a relaxing journey filled with laughter. If you're an animal lover like Nikki, be prepared to share heartwarming pet "tails" during your visit. Nikki's chair isn't just for a haircut; it's for creating joyful memories and transforming your hair with stunning keratin bond extensions.


Introducing Mia, our associate stylist color virtuoso who lives and breathes balayage, color melts, and all things vibrant. With an insatiable passion for creating stunning color transformations, Mia is the go-to stylist for those who seek personalised, captivating hues that truly shine.

Mia's expertise extends to the art of balayage, where she seamlessly blends colors to create a sun-kissed, natural look that's effortlessly chic. Her mastery of color melts ensures smooth transitions and breathtaking results, making her the ideal choice for those craving bold, yet elegant transformations.




Taylor is our Salon Coordinator. When a client enters the salon, her contagious smile greets you with a welcoming, “We are glad you are here!” feeling. Taylor strives to ensure that your visit to the salon will meet your expectations. She wants to make sure the customer’s needs are being met. Whether it is at the front scheduling appointments or assisting clients with product questions, she always makes herself available. She loves taking on new responsibilities and enjoys working with her co-workers and clients.


Meet Tegan, our 3rd year emerging stylist on the path to becoming a skilled hairstylist. With an innate flair for creativity and a thirst for knowledge, Tegan is embracing every learning opportunity in her journey. Her eagerness to absorb new techniques and industry trends is evident in her work. Tegan's dedication to perfecting her craft is truly commendable, and she's committed to ensuring your salon experience is both enjoyable and memorable. As she continues to refine her skills under our mentorship, we invite you to be part of Tegan's growth as she blossoms into a talented stylist. Your support and trust in her are invaluable as she paves her way to excellence in the world of hair.


Meet Kiara, our associate stylist who possesses an unwavering love for color, with a particular focus on creating stunning blonde masterpieces. With her recent qualification and infectious passion, Kiara is a rising star in the world of hair. Her dedication to the art of color shines through in every appointment, where she meticulously crafts and tailors each look to accentuate her clients' natural beauty.

Blondes hold a special place in Kiara's heart, and she excels in an array of techniques to achieve the perfect shade for you. Whether it's a sun-kissed balayage, a radiant color melt, or a bold and beautiful transformation, Kiara's expertise will leave you feeling confident and radiant.


Brinda, our Third Year emerging stylist is a rising star in the world of hairstyling. With three years of intensive training under her belt, she's honing her skills to perfection. Brinda's enthusiasm and dedication are palpable as she works diligently to master the art of haircare. She's passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to offer you the best possible service. Under the guidance of our seasoned professionals, Brinda is eager to learn and bring fresh ideas to the table. Her commitment to excellence and her genuine desire to make you look and feel your best make her a valuable member of our team. 



Introducing Carly, our Dermal Beauty Therapist and Salon Coordinator! With a passion for skincare, Carly specialises in dermal treatments, offering personalised consultations and rejuvenating facials tailored to each client's needs. Her expertise and nurturing approach ensure clients leave feeling pampered and confident. As our Salon Coordinator, Carly seamlessly integrates beauty therapy into salon operations, curating products and coordinating treatments with meticulous care. With Carly, you're in expert hands, ensuring a flawless and rejuvenating experience every time.


Step into the realm of beauty with Bernadette, our exceptionally talented associate stylist hairdresser and makeup artist. With an unwavering passion for her craft, Bernadette's expertise shines, especially when it comes to her love for blondes. She views every head of hair as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a work of art.

Diving deep into the nuances of blonde aesthetics, Bernadette excels at creating stunning, customized looks that enhance natural beauty. Her keen eye for detail and artistic touch ensure that each blonde transformation is a harmonious blend of style and individuality.

Beyond the salon chair, Bernadette's commitment to her clients goes beyond beauty – it's about creating an experience. She takes the time to understand preferences, styles, and personalities, ensuring that every visit is not just a salon appointment but a journey towards self-expression and confidence.

Whether it's a subtle highlight, a bold platinum statement, or a complete hair makeover, Bernadette's passion for crafting exceptional blonde styles, combined with her dedication to creating a new canvas for each client, makes every appointment a unique and uplifting beauty experience.