Hair Services

Our professional stylists and colourists are passionate about their craft and meticulously trained to deliver outstanding hairdressing that is ahead of the latest trends and techniques. Our price structure reflects the educational level and practical experience of our stylists.

 New Talent

Meet our First-Year Apprentice Stylist, brand new to the industry and full of potential. In their first year of apprenticeship, they're eager to learn and perfect their craft. Guided by our experienced team, they are mastering the essentials of hairstyling while bringing a fresh perspective to the salon. 

Emerging Stylist

Our Apprentice Stylist is the heart of our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth. With less than three years of experience, they are in the early stages of their journey but possess an abundance of enthusiasm and potential. Under the guidance of our seasoned professionals, they are dedicated to perfecting their craft. Clients who choose our Apprentice Stylist benefit from affordable services without compromising quality. Our Apprentice Stylist excels in foundational services like shampoos, blowouts, and basic color applications, always under the supervision and mentorship of our experienced team. By choosing our Apprentice Stylist, you not only receive great value but also play a pivotal role in helping them flourish into the industry's future stars.

Associate Stylist

Meet our Associate Stylist, a dynamic professional representing the future of hairdressing. With a genuine passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to learning, they bring fresh perspectives and boundless enthusiasm to our salon. With under 10 years of experience, including more than 5 years in the industry, our Associate Stylist boasts an impressive portfolio that showcases their growing talent. They excel in delivering contemporary styles, stunning color transformations, and personalized consultations. Their dedication to staying abreast of industry trends makes them the ideal choice for those seeking a stylish update. Rest assured, our Associate Stylist will infuse your hair journey with innovative and exciting ideas.


Lead Master Stylist

At Hair by I, our Lead Stylist embodies the pinnacle of experience and artistry. With more than a decade in the hairdressing industry, they have achieved mastery in their craft. Our Lead Stylist sets trends, continuously staying at the forefront of the latest styles and techniques. Their profound understanding of hair textures, colors, and client preferences is unparalleled. Clients seek out our Lead Stylist for their extraordinary expertise in delivering breathtaking transformations, be it precision cuts, captivating color innovations, or intricate updos for special occasions. Their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their ability to personalize each service, ensuring every client departs feeling confident and beautiful.


Hair Service Menu

A style cut at Hair By I begins with a thorough consultation with your stylist. We take into consideration your hair type and face shape, and help you to create the look that you desire.

Style Cut & Blow Dry

Your service begins with Aveda welcome tea & ritual. You are than treated to a shampoo experience, condition and relaxing scalp massage, with all style cuts professionally finished in a way that best compliments your new look.

Ladies Style Cut & Blow wave from


Male Fade Style Cut (Includes wash & product styling) from

Express Cutting Service

Mens Express Style Cut

Children's Cuts

Girls and Boys Under 5 Years (Infant/Pre School)


Primary Years 


Secondary Years 


Uni Students/Pensoner (Must provide ID)


Blow-drying & Styling

For a special occasion, or just because…First a consultation, next a luxurious shampoo and condition followed by a relaxing head massage. To finish off, a blow-dry, product and styling to achieve your desired look

Dry Style 

Refresh your style without washing, can include tonging and/or ironing.

The Blow Dry

Our Signature blow dry service includes, an Aveda welcome tea & ritual with hair wash, scalp massage, blow dry, can include tonging and/or ironing and finishing.


Hair By I does hair glamour for formals, weddings, and special events of all kinds. Our staff can create stunning hair up styles or Hollywood blow outs to suit any occasion. What mood are you after? Sophisticated, sexy, playful, big, or simple yet elegant?

Specialised Up Style 

Elaborate/detailed styles can include sleek or textured pony, hair-up and braiding or a combination of them all.. No Hair wash.


Hair Colour

Hair By I colourists will conduct a thorough consultation and will then use a range of techniques from all over colour to foils, colour contouring, balayage, baby-lights and more to tailor your perfect bespoke colour.

Re-growth From

Short Hair From

Medium Hair From

Long Hair From

Extra-Long Hair From


Scalp Lightening 

Re-Growth Scalp Lightening (Max 6 weeks growth) inc toner service from


  • Re-Growth Scalp Lightening (7 weeks plus growth) In salon consult required
  • Full Scalp Lightener- In salon consult required
  • Colour Correction- In salon consult required
  • Extra Product- In salon consult required

Root Stretch inc gloss toner

Root stretching is a technique we do to blend out the natural root colour. We do this by painting on the colour first as though we're doing a normal root touch up, then we weave out sections of the hair like balayage to “stretch” the root colour around a quarter, or even halfway down the hair.

Colour Add Ons

  • Extra Mix from $20


Hair Foiling & Balayage

Customise your perfect colour with our signature classic highlights, ultra-fine baby-lights and our signature balayage. We include step 1 of the Alfaparf Bond Pro to all our lightening services to maintain the strength and condition of your hair.

Hairline & Part Line From

Half Head From

Three Quarter Head From

Full Head From

Foil Add Ons

Alfaparf Gloss Toner Service

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

What is Keratin Smoothing?

Keratin smoothing treatment is a wonderful method of hair smoothing that will last between two and five months. Remember, this is not a straightening treatment. But the truly remarkable thing about this treatment is its restorative nature. Restorative, you say?

This treatment works to de-frizz your hair, to make it more manageable, smoother, and gorgeous! But the unique properties of keratin are wonderful for the health of your hair, too.

Our hair is made up of keratin protein molecules, connected by various sorts of bonds. These bonds can take a beating from various procedures and chemical treatments. The smoothing treatment will apply a keratin solution to your hair to restore and reinforce your locks as long as it remains effective.

If you have naturally curly hair, a keratin treatment won’t have the same straightening impact as traditional thermal hair straightening. But it will strengthen your hair and encourage a gorgeous, healthy glow and seriously reduce the frizz you have to put up with.

What Keratin Smoothing Product Do We Use?

At Hair By I, we have scoured the globe for the best Keratin Smoothing product we could find. We tried and trialled many brands and systems but the only one to withstand our rigorous testing was the Alfaparf Keratin Smoothing Treatment. We chose Alfaparf for its unique ability to last up to 5 months in the hair and compound its effects every time you have this keratin smoothing treatment done.


This long-lasting expert service is infused with exclusive Biomimetic Silk & Shea Oil and enhanced with high-performance thermal-active KeraShape Technology and transforms unmanageable, curly, wavy or frizzy hair into the most luxurious, smooth version of itself.

Be Kind to Your Hair and Save Time

Our keratin treatment is non-toxic and contains Biometric Silk proteins So if you’ve dished out a bit of tender love and punishment to your hair in the pursuit of virgin-daiquiri-straight locks recently, then you should really consider this as a way to say thank you to ya’ follicles, and get your hair looking gorgeous nonetheless!

Our keratin smoothing will relax your curl somewhat but won’t leave it dead straight! In some cases, keratin will relax the curl quite a lot and in other cases such as a strong curl, it will make it smoother and more manageable.

Another wonderful benefit of keratin smoothing is the time-saving it affords. If you’re used to spending far more time than you’d like to when straightening your hair with an iron, then this treatment could be a life-saver. It’s thought that treatment can shorten blow-dry time by up to 60%.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment (lasts up to 5 months) From


Qiqi Vega Straightening treatment 

Qiqi uses a proprietary technology which performs as a hybrid between keratin treatments and thermal straightening. Qiqi can be used to transform hair textures, support and complement existing salon services and replace older, harsh, alkaline technologies which damage hair and older treatments which last 2-3 months and may fade colour. Resistant to salt and chlorine, compatible with chemically treated hair, being able to colour hair immediately after a treatment and the longevity of Qiqi is the start of a new era in hair smoothing and straightening.

Qiqi Vega Straightening treatment is by far the most advanced solution ever made. With 3 different versions that cover almost any hair type, provide PERMANENT results, are rich in conditioning and gloss ingredients, packed in a sophisticated single use bag, leaving the hair shiny and insanely soft with eye-opening radiant results. It’s the ultimate straightening treatment for the ultimate pros.


For all hair types including Wavy & Curly, Thin & Damaged and Tough & Afro.



This is a service that is great for clients who want seriously straight hair permanently until the roots grow with the hair’s natural texture. Keep in mind hair that is coily may have less of a straightening effect. Everyone's hair is different with some clients having straight smooth results, whilst others having a larger curl reduction result.


This is a service that is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Keep body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction.


Curly girls love their curls and want to rock the best version of their curls. Qiqi gives wavy, curly or coils their best life.

Advantages of Qi's Qi's Vega's Hair Straightening Treatment

  1. Safe to use, no harmful ingredients.
  2. Pleasant fragrance.
  3. No downtime for hair coloring, swimming in pool or sea.
  4. For bleaching or highlighting your hair, you only need to wait 10 days.
  5. Does not cause damage to the hair but rejuvenates & revitalizes hair.
  6. Incomparable innovative single use solutions.
  7. For all hair types, including Wavy & Curly, Thin & Damaged and Tough & Afro.
  8. Solution is rinsed out before ironing, no smoke or chemical fumes release.
  9. All your daily routine activities will pose no challenge to Vega as our hair straightening solution is resistant to sweat, moisture and harsh climatic conditions.
  10. No need to use blow dryer daily to straighten your hair.
  11. Resistant to harsh climatic conditions such as humidity, extreme cold or heat.


Qi Qi aftercare range.

Qi Qi straightening treatment prices from

Hair & Scalp Treatments

This unique and exclusive relaxation space is designed to allow you to indulge all of your senses and experience the luxury of taking time to look after you. All of our staff are trained to nurture and massage all of the tension held in the neck and scalp and help you unwind in this space.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to further enhance your experience at Hair By I by selecting an upgrade from our extensive Treatment Menu. The menu runs in order of time and cost so you can select an option to suit your needs or simply ask our Stylists to guide you with their recommendations to address the condition of your hair and scalp.

Kerastase In Salon Signature Ritual (10Mins) $49

Sitting in your hairdresser’s chair, you wish you could extend the head massage a few moments longer. We’ve designed a series of signature hair rituals around this moment. This signature Fusio-Dose ritual is the most personalized service Kérastase offers and is exclusively available in salons. With up to 20 possible pairings, the results are instant and can target 2 key hair concerns including dryness, damage, frizz, density and dullness.

Kerastase Fusio Scrub In Salon Treatment (10Mins) $29

Discover Fusio Scrub, a new intensive cleansing treatment, combined with an essential oil boost, awakens the scalp and the hair that springs from it.

Kerastase Ritual & Fusio Scrub Deluxe Treatment (20Mins) $69

Begin with our fusio scrub pre treatment to prepare the hair for your next fusio dose ritual. This includes pre treatment scrub, followed by a targeted fusio treatment for your hair & scalp inc massage with a relaxing sensory journey.


Helps intensively decalcify the hair surface and neutralise calcium buildup.
Promotes soft and supple hair by helping to seal and smooth the hair surface.

Alfaparf Smart BondPro (Pre & Post Colour Treatment)

A pre colour treatment that reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair, which limits damage to hair during or after colouring.

  • Step 1 & 2 $49

K18 (Pre Colour/Post Colour Leave In Treatment) $49

Patented bioactive peptide treatment prepares, protects and repairs hair before and after in-salon services. Reverses damage and prevents breakage while strengthening hair and improving elasticity. A post leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage in four minutes. The patented peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat, restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair.

AVEDA Botanical Repair System $49 

Our Aveda botanical repair system works on a holistic approach to repair the hair from the inside out. Includes scalp and hand massage.


Our Aveda mask treatment uses a holistic and botanical approach to haircare. Includes hot towel and scalp massage.

Epres Bond Repair Treatment $40

This is the bond repair revolution . Epres Bond Repair Treatment is powered by cutting-edge chemistry to deliver deep, lasting repair in one simple step. This spray-on hair treatment actively rebonds hair’s internal structure without disturbing its ideal pH balance. Hair is left softer and stronger with less breakage and frizz. Unique liquid molecule technology continues to diffuse incredible repair through each strand for hours after application. Easy to use: forget multiple steps and products, this one-step solution works in just 10 minutes.