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How Often Is It Okay To Colour My Hair?

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11:00 AM

Most of us, at some point or the other, do want some kind of change in life. This is particularly true after a major life event such as a breakup, or the loss of a job, or even a failed friendship.

For many of us, colouring our hair is the equivalent of a small revamp that can help us feel significantly better about ourselves.

For others, colouring their hair is the simplest way to change up your look a little in case you are bored of the way you look and want to spice things up.

In any case, the colouring of one’s hair is appealing to different people for different reasons. These days, there are a number of different hair colour brands available in the market, and within each brand, there are a number of hair colours you can choose from.

As such, many people wonder just how often they’re able to colour their hair without damaging it. This is because colouring your hair more often than is necessary might make your hair strands weaker and more susceptible to breakage.

If you’re also someone who wants a new look but don’t know how often it is okay to colour your hair, here are some things you need to consider.


Hair Colour and Quality

The first factor to keep in mind when deciding how often to colour your hair is your natural hair type and colour.

For example, typically, people’s hair grows at a rate of half an inch each month. If however, your hair growth is faster than the average, you may require colouration on a far more regular basis.

Similarly, if you have darker hair that you want to colour in a lighter shade, you will also have to colour it more often to prevent your natural roots from becoming too visible.


Type of Hair Colour

How often you colour your hair also depends on whether you opt for permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. Generally speaking, semi-permanent hair colours tend to wash off in 29-30 washes. Semi-permanent hair colours should generally be applied with an interval of at least four to six weeks. Because ammonia is not an active ingredient in semi-permanent hair colours, it is okay to apply them more regularly than permanent dyes as they don’t damage the hair much.

Permanent hair colours, on the other hand, can last as long as you don’t cut your hair, which means that they don’t need to be applied quite as often.


What You Want

Lastly and most importantly, it all depends on your personal preference. Ask yourself what you’re colouring your hair for and what exactly you hope to achieve.

For example, if you are the type of person who wouldn’t mind an uneven hair colour, you could go much longer without re-colouring your hair. If, however, you’re very particular about your hair always looking its best, you’re going to have to colour it more often.

So, if you cannot wait to change up your look and are wondering how often it is okay to colour your hair, consider each of these factors and decide for yourself what works for you. Remember, colouring your hair should be a chore – have fun with it and enjoy the new you!