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Hassle-Free Laser Hair Removal for Doreen at Hair By I


If you’re tired of daily shaving, and waxing isn’t for you, consider laser hair removal. Doreen residents who come to our Hair By I salon in Yarrambat benefit from a series of targeted laser hair-removal sessions at our beautiful, spacious, and comprehensive day spa just 15 minutes from the hair salon you know. Staffed by aestheticians with equal standards of superior quality as the Doreen hair salon, Hair By I Yarrambat’s team is committed to staying current on the beauty market’s latest trends, products, and techniques. We offer a one-of-a-kind experience unlike any spa in the area where we listen to your beauty goals and work with you to win your long-standing battle against unwanted hair.

Hair & Beauty Packages
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As waxing requires routine maintenance, laser hair removal in Doreen increases in popularity. This is because after a series of treatments the offending hair follicle is irreparably damaged and unable to produce hair. After successful completion of the series, the area should remain free from hair without waxing or shaving. A specialised laser acts as a pulsed light that burns the hair follicle at the root. Permanent results, however, are not achieved in one session. Each treatment (usually between 6-10) is said to reduce the follicle’s ability by about 10-15%. Delicate areas, such as the bikini line and armpits, may be particularly challenging to achieve hairlessness in which case the treated area may experience slow, stunted growth. Hair By I has customisable treatment packages that allow you to save money by bundling treatments you use and offering affordable rates across the board. With every beauty treatment from facials and nail care to tattoo removal and massages, our Yarrambat studio lets you come in, relax, and leave fully-rejuvenated. Get in touch today; we’d love to hear from you.